Sunday, May 13, 2012

Can I do a Tights Rant?
I can do a Tights Rant.

I wear tights about 75% of days I put clothes on. Due to my current predicament, I'm lucky the current heat wave has made that not so necessary, but today it, unfortunately, a tights day.
I probably own about twelve pairs of tights. I count about five of those to be Black.
Black tights are, without a doubt, one of my wardrobe essentials. I wear my black tights twice as often as even my Express tights. (Those are my beautiful neons, Blue and Red.)
Today, and infact, most days I want to wear tights, I was dismayed by my lack of choice: Two poor quality ill fitting ones I ought to just throw away (or use to silkscreen), one pair of Harringbone ones that are fairly too small and ripped in the crotch, one old pair that have miraculously held their shape, even with their run-count surpassing anything I've ever seen, and one slightly blue pair, with holes in the toes, and one in the crotch. The last is the pair I have been wearing most often lately. They don't look trashy; they fit.

Tights are very hard to judge in the store. Most of them feel the same until they've been washed, in fact. As a result, it's uncannily easy to end up with cheap ill fitting tights. And, as if that's not enough, my mother, who buys my clothes, likes to go shopping alone. And knows nothing of tights, much less which brands to buy.
For example, she judges by price- DKNY tights are a Christmas present. For about half the cost, you could get a pair from Express, less likely to run and less.. Brittle.

So, as someone who's worn tights for, honestly, most of her lifetime, let me share with you- The Brands. 

Foot Traffic- Good quality material, Affordable. My friend swears by them. However, they do have a tendency to rip at the crotch seam.

DKNY- Thin yet strong. Good summer tights. They show more skin-tone than most. Expensive, also have a tendency (thou in my experience, less of one) to rip at the crotch seam.

Express- Thick(ish), strong. I've only ripped them once, on Barbed wire. Sometimes they carry all the colors of the rainbow (ie, my neons), but currently, they only have Black, Brown, and Grey. More expensive than Foot Traffic, cheaper than DKNY. Tendency to stretch out from extensive use.

And, you have it. My brands. Now, I'm not saying these are the ONLY brands of tights worth buying- I don't know the brands of many of my tights, even. But keep in mind- If there is a Label sewn in, chances are their good.

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