Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm such a sucky blogger. I get sick, and I don't go online every day, and I'm not even home everyday... So truly, it's not always my blogging, it's just that I've got no time.
But still. I'm trying!!

So, Today, I'm gonna get you guys a bunch of images and links to other people's tutorials!!

Will this keep you pacified untill I can get my life back together?
Don't worry, I'm only gonna get busier first- 
I should be getting my driver's permit in a few weeks, and then I've got to deal with all that, and I'm working my skinny bumb off to graduate on time (have I mentioned that I dropped out for a semester a while ago?)
And then I've got to get my online shop up and running, and then my other orders of business... The woes of a teen trying to make it in the world of fashion!!


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