Saturday, March 3, 2012

DIY: Dream Catcher

I just love the whole Bohemian style- its comfortable, it's pretty, its easy, it's logical. What's not to love?
Besides, I was raised by hippies. It's in my genes.

So here goes- au Natural dream catcher- Like the Indian's ones, except easier!

You'll need:
Fishing line
a large twig of flexible material. 
(I got one off my dogwood bush. You can use willow, too.)
a knife
a pot of boiling water
Things to string on the bottom.
(also optional)

Strip any bud or leaves or other small branches using your knife, as to not strip bark.

Curl your branch inside your pot, using a clip to hold it curled. Otherwise it will snap out. Simmer for about half an hour.

Get out your fishing line, crimps, and twine.

You can use this time to braid a length of about nine inches (unbraided) of twine.

Pull out your branch, and let it cool still clipped end over end.

When it's cool, put the ends close together, and start wrapping your fishing line around the two ends. Crimp the end in somewhere, continue wrapping until secure, and crimp the other end. This may be a two-person job, But I did it solo, so it's possible!

Cut about four feet of twin to start with (you may have to add more later, depending on how close you do your loops. Wrap it around the branch form. 

The closer you wrap them, the closer and tighter your webbing's gonna be.

You can add beads, too- string them on before a loop.

Just keep looping, until you get as close to the center as you want. (or as close as you can go.)

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