Friday, February 17, 2012

First of a Tradition! (I hope.)

Getting into a "Posting Tutorials Every Friday" schedule, here goes!

This adorable dress (size small/xsmall) was a men's t-shirt! (size medium) 

Thing about me #1: I love soft fabric. When it stretches, even better.
Result: Buy soft men's tees. Cut. Sew. Cut some more. Sew some more. It looks a bit like this: 
My own Drawings, yes. I sacrificed a whole sketchbook page for this!!

Now, Show & Tell!! 
Another Shirt, once plain. Much the same as the top, except I kept the shoulder seams in place, therefore making it shorter. And, you know. Added a pocket. (cut from a sleeve.)

PJ pants, from a pair of (very long) matching pillow cases. I lay a pair of kinda-to-big pants ontop of the pillow cases, and cut. Their a bit odd, fit wise, but who cares, their just pjs, and their definitely comfortable.

Yes, I'm a Nerdfighter, and proud of it. And I love that cover to death. Unfortunately, I hate dust covers; they get in my way. So here is my nerdy tribute! DFTBA!

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