Sunday, February 26, 2012

I've done it.

Fridays don't work. Lets strive for sundays.

I have a tutorial written up, and all done. It's of this gorgeous Dreamcatcher I made last weekend, all layed up in bed. It's got beads all done thru-out, and tea-dyed muslin with big wooden beads strung up and a shell necklace hanging, and it looks great against my light blue wall.

Unfortunately, I've lost my camera. Problems of a large house and larger family.
I swear, I'll post it next chance I get, once I find my camera. (which also had the last necessary picture of my pillow for that tutorial...)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Artist's Corner!

I'm a lazy bum (actually, I'm sick) and haven't done anything remotely productive besides paint since my last post. And I don't show off paintings until their Done. [Capital D]

So lets look at some drawings I scanned!
I did this one in Palestine, bored out of my mind, missing my boyfriend(who was likely not missing me) with my grandma sitting over my shoulder. She didn't know till then that I wanted to be a fashion designer.

Also done in Palestine. We had no internet there, and that left me a very bored nerd.

Ha!! Haha!! All that time dating him, and I kept getting "draw me, draw me!!" Few months after the breakup, and whatdoyaknow, blooming out of the page comes him and the chick he cheated with. Life, you're really funny.

I am amazingly proud of this. To this day, I cannot believe this came out of my hands. I still open my sketchbook in awe. (btws, it's of the Kaulitz Twins.) (Shhh, let me be a teenager while I still am...)

Friday, February 17, 2012

First of a Tradition! (I hope.)

Getting into a "Posting Tutorials Every Friday" schedule, here goes!

This adorable dress (size small/xsmall) was a men's t-shirt! (size medium) 

Thing about me #1: I love soft fabric. When it stretches, even better.
Result: Buy soft men's tees. Cut. Sew. Cut some more. Sew some more. It looks a bit like this: 
My own Drawings, yes. I sacrificed a whole sketchbook page for this!!

Now, Show & Tell!! 
Another Shirt, once plain. Much the same as the top, except I kept the shoulder seams in place, therefore making it shorter. And, you know. Added a pocket. (cut from a sleeve.)

PJ pants, from a pair of (very long) matching pillow cases. I lay a pair of kinda-to-big pants ontop of the pillow cases, and cut. Their a bit odd, fit wise, but who cares, their just pjs, and their definitely comfortable.

Yes, I'm a Nerdfighter, and proud of it. And I love that cover to death. Unfortunately, I hate dust covers; they get in my way. So here is my nerdy tribute! DFTBA!

Long time, No see!

It's been around six months since I last posted, I think, and in all honesty, I've got no excuse.
Not like anyone minds; seeing as I have no readers, I told myself it was all fine. Which is silly. I think I even have some tutorials stashed away; written and photographed and all. I just need to get in the habit of posting. I'm gonna try to post every Wednesday and Friday, but don't be too shocked if it doesn't play out.

I've got a Dream Catcher (summer decor, if we're gonna get all fancy with terms) post coming up, and a cylindrical pillow with piping (yes, that was my first time.)
And probably more; I know I've got more *hey, look what I did*'s even if their not actual tutorials.

Speaking of, I'm thinking I'll do a show-offy post or just bloggy BS post on Wednesdays, Ya know, just for inspiration, and a legit tutorial Fridays. And I'm thinking I'll start a tumblr for all of it, if you don't wanna go to so much work as remembering to check a particular website and typing in the url every time, but if that does happen, the Tums are gonna be much more often links or photos, not full-blown Step by Steps.

Sorry it's been so long! I'm back! (hopefully)