Saturday, September 17, 2011

DIY: Gypsy Coin Purse

Today, I cam across a demima. I did not want to carry my big wallet around all day, yet I wanted a bit of spare change.

Then, I came across a solution. If I was dressed like a gypsy already (which I was) I may as well make a coin pouch like theirs. 

Then, it was so easy I decided to make a second.
And tell you guys!

So, I took a plate about salad sized, seven or eight inches across. Cut out one layer of fabric, with the plate as your pattern. 

Ribbon. I didn’t cut it first cause I’m lazy and don’t like mesureing. Fold one edge over and zig-zag stitch your way all around. When you get to the end, fold that edge over too. 

Iron the ribbon so it lays flat, involentarily pleating that edge. Sew with a straight stitch very close to the edge. (yea… theres a lot of edges in this project.)

Now, all left to do is cut string and thread it throuh the ribbon. I trippled the diameter of the circle for the length of the string, and tied a loop about the size of my finger on each end.

I used the loops to saftey pin it to the inside hem of my long skirt, but I figure I could also use a clip to attatch it to a belt loop.

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  1. Really nice post, exactaly what I was looking for, so creative and fun. Really, I needed to go out yesterday and was like, all my bags are big, I don't want to carry one to go to the other side of the street... Well, guess your project saved me, I am totally going to do this, so next time I don't need to walk around with a big purse when I am not even taking my cellphone.

    Lots of love, Belle.
    *Sorry for my bad english, I am a french girl who recently moved to Englando (London, to be more especific).