Saturday, August 27, 2011

And off We go!

I got my sewing machine pedal in the mail last night!! It came way quicker than I expected!

Oh, wait, You know what this means- More tutorials! And trust me, there will be some! I'm getting back in the swing on things, but I think I'm gonna do a super-cute T-shirt-To-Skirt one... and not any old skirt. A hip-hugging punk-ish pencil skirt.

So stay tuned, cause I'm gonna be having fun now!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DIY: Zipper Cuff Braclet

Being in highschool sucks. Being in school sucks. But, as long as it starts tomorrow, I may as well dress up for it, right? And besides, what is a better cause to make new jewlery than having to dress nice for something you dislike?

So, I got my lazy but off video games (I’m teenaged. What else?), and pulled together a tutorial for this lovely zipper cuff bracelet thing. 

Gather up the things you need. Of course, I didn’t use everything pictured, because I’m a bad planner. But I didn’t grab anything else, so as long as you have all that’s here, you should be good.
Short metal zipper
Wire cutters
Needle-nose pliers
Jump rings
Clasp (I used a lobster)
Charm (optinal)

We begin by cutting the ends (together) at an angle, then sewing together, as shown. 

Now, this is the hard part. Cut the tab off the zipper. (some people call it the pull.) I used wire cutters and my hands, and it got kinda bent up before it snaped, as you can see. 

Next, cut the edges off the zipper. No, I don’t have pictures, because it’s fairly easy, and I forgot this was a tutorial, not just a bragging. If you need them, ask, and I can draw it or something.

Grab a jumpring. Smish and smash the ends together till no thread will slip throu. Now sew it to one end. If you’re using a lobster clasp, just sew that on the other end, and clasp it to the jump ring. If you’re not, repreat this on the other end, then realize I don’t know what I’m talking about, and you should have put the clasp on the jumprings before sewing them down. (Or, hopefully, you read this all before beginning.)

If you’re using a charm, use a jump ring to attatch it to one or the other end of a clasp. 

There, now wasn’t that easy?
Be glad I did it for you first, because it took me nearly two hours, as I kept trying to use other clasps. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shirts vs Dresses.

Well. I got some new clothes at a thrift store (loooove thrift stores.) a few days ago, and one shirt which is rather huge and long. Soooo, one dress!

And it inspired me! (wait for it...., wait for it......) To do a photoshoot!! (shell-shocker, eh?)

Yes, I did those flowers. Just typical paint testers and a brush.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DIY: Big Beaded Statement Necklace

I got this big wodden bead a few months ago on sale, and I had no idea what I wanted to do with it- but is was super-cool, and I couldn’t pass it up. I’m an impulse-buyer about cheap cute things, incase you couldn’t tell.

So, anyways, today I was browsing patterns and projects, and thinking about all these big bulky ribbon-and-pearl statement necklaces that have been eveywhere, and I wanted one. Preferable without having to spend money, even on thrift-store pearls, mainly because I didn’t want to have to wait to catch a ride to town. But, pearls are boring, right? Plain, colorless? That’s why everyone uses gold for the ropes and ribbon! (Problem- I often wear white. Or black. Pearls would be too much bland-ness.)

Solution- seed beads! Something we’ve all got huge amounts of and no idea what to do with. 

You'll need a big pile of seed beads, a large bead for the pendant with a wide hole, some ribbon about half an inch wide, a clasp of some sort, and twelve jumprings. 

To do this, we don’t pick up each bead. No, god forbid; that would take years. Go find some half-inch deep saucer or some other thing with edges about five inches wide. Now pour a generous amount of the beads in that. 

Grab your needle and about two yards of thread (we’re doubling it, for strength), and tie off the end with a bead.
Now, horizontaly, stab your needle throu the pile of beads untill it’s full. Pull the beads onto the the thread, repeat. You need two strands to be 33 inches, one 40. 

Once this is done, cut two strands of ribbon at 36 inches. Paint the ends with nail polish.

Grab five jumprings. Put one on the end of each strand of beads, and ribbons. Now, a sixth to attach them to the clasp. 

Pin the clasp somwhere high-ish, and braid. Take the two shorter strands of bead, and the ribbons, one bead, one ribbon, as if they are one piece. The longest strand should be alone. 

Braid loosesly, and keep the beads outside of the ribbon, facing one direction the whole time.
Now is the hard part. Take five more jumprings, and put them on the ends of everything, one more to join them, and the other end of the clasp. Now, thread the big bead over everything.

Clip any loose ends, and it’s ready to go!

Monday, August 1, 2011


I spent a few hours in the fields with my camera yesterday. I'm pretty pleased with some of the results! :)

Which one's your favorite?