Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Computer Is Lame.

Unfortunately, the combination of slow internet and a dying computer is forcing me to make you wait till I get home for more picture.
However, Palestine (or Israel- cause nothing really belongs to the Arabs anyways), is gorgeous. No wonder everyone fought over it- It's like the California of the middle east. The weather's not to hot, the ocean is a few hours away, and the land is gorgeous.
The Israeli occupation is the worst thing about the place. If they'd just let Arabs have their rights and stop settling on land that they refused to pay for, everything would be fine. Why? Lets face it- Arabs aren't very good at ruling. In Jordan, the King is loved, but mainly because he takes good care of his people. He's not repressive, and helps the poor get back on their feet again. I have always said he's likely the best ruler in all of the Arab countrys everywhere.
However, Israel is well kept. Roads are maintained, traffic laws are enforced (like, we couldn't put 10 people in a five person car, and we had to buckle up, and people stayed in their own lane). Tel Aviv reminded me of LA. There was a huge, over-priced shopping mall, a beach that was free to go to, but you had to pay for everything else, buildings were tall, sky-scrapers were covered in glass, and bagels were to be found! The main problem is that they are discriminative.
I'm sure not many people recall when America was segregated, but to me, the only difference I see with how the Israelis treat the Arabs is that there means of segregation go farther and have more advanced technology.
Did you know any car from Israel is allowed in the West Bank, but only very few cars (and expensive cars) are allowed in Israel? And, anyways- anyone who is Palestinian cannot go there anyways. Israels give Arabs a different Passport, and unless they convert to Judaism, it is out-right impossible for them to get an Israeli one. Even Arabs from other countrys are given hell when visiting. I mean, for christ's sake- My mother's German, yet our name is Hadid, and I looked Arab, so they pulled us over and had a dog search our car!

Oh, and- If you ever swim at a beach in Israel, watch out for jellyfish. They hurt.

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