Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Traveling In Amman

First thing first- it's way easier if you speak arabic.
Secondly- This is a taxi city. Plain and simple. It's a very spread-out city, so it's hard to walk around and be productive, but if you have the the blessing of an apartment near a marketplace, take advantage of it.
Third- Bargain. They say 5 dinars, you say three. But- this is only the shops that a) aren't selling food or b) resemble something of a flea-market stand more than a real store.
Fourth- If you do speak arabic, ride the busses- but not if you've got a time limit.
Fifth- don't drive.
Sixth- Rent an apartment, not a hotel room. But be prepared to have only one fork.
Seventh- love history. If you don't, Jordan very well may be lost on you.
Eighth- be a man. Women, cover your sholders and cleavage and legs. And don't speak.
Nineth- drink alot of water, and remember not to go out at day.
Tenth- The main meal is lunch- at four or five. Get up early, take a nap at noon.

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