Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tours. Don't.

We just got back from Petra/Wadi Rum/Aquaba.

The first bus ride- Our drive likes arabic music, and due to the speaker system, it's ear-blasting in the back and nearly silent for him. Soooo, we kept asking him to turn it down, he'd turn it off, then back on ten minutes later.

Petra... Was way to hot, and we had nary enough time. All in all, it was nice, yet, but not as much as it's cracked up to be. If I ever go back, it'll be in February, on my own, so I'm not limited in time or overheating.

Wadi Rum was gorgeous. I had cracked my toenail on the busride from Petra, so when we got there, we asked if there was an emergency tent somewhere, and this man told us to hop in the back of his jeep, which he had lost the key for in the desert and had to hot-wire it, and we bounced through packed sand till we reached a road, then rode to the village hospital, which was quite cute and quaint! The doctor put some glue-like stuff on my toe, which made it stop hurting almost immediately, and wrapped it up.
When we got back, there we rocks to climb and such. Bathrooms have overflowing toilets (if they have toilets) and there is urine on the ground. Tents are comfortable, but stray cats sometimes run out from under your bed... it's too dark to see your food at dinner, but breakfast (which the tour promised, then flaked on, so the locals provided) was quite good! We drank tea on high rocks and watched the morning sun light up the desert.

Aquaba was nice. If you swim in the read sea, watch out for the coral and sea urchins and jellyfish. My sister fell on the Coral, and got pretty scraped up, but that was minor in comparison to my mother's injury- she stepped on a sea urchin, and it shot about twenty spine-things into her heel. The spines open once the go in, so pulling them out would do more damage. To deal with that, you must burn the spines farther in with a cigarette, each spine. Then, after a few hours, or days, they will dissipate into your bloodstream.

The bus ride back was nicer- my aunt got the driver to keep the music off, but they did a open-mic instead, which was almost worse. We all crammed into the back few seats and played games, like Operator and that word game where you say a noun, then the next person says a noun that starts with the letter your ended with. We had fun, and the boys got some good english lessons!! We arrived home close to midnight.

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