Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This Blog, and Me

I dream of this place to be a haven for crafters and shoppers alike.
Knowing me, it will be part that, and mostly not.

But, because I cannot start giving you tutorials and ideas and challenges right off, as I am halfway across the world from my home, my bedroom/studio, and most importantly, my sewing machine, I will start by telling you about myself. After I conquer introductions, I assume this will become a type of travel blog, at least for the time I remain way. (Was that really all one sentence?!?)[Wait, it's two. So there!]

The first thing you should know about me is that I'm young. It seems to me, at least, that alot of the crafty-sewingy-type bloggers (the other options being fashion bloggers [cool idea, but ick]) are older- married, have a kid or two, that kind of thing. I'm still in highschool.
And I'm small.
And the oldest of four.
And have been sewing since I was about 4. (mind you, thats hand-sewing. I wasn't allowed near machines untill, oh, 9? I've done a pretty good job of collecting them, since.)
And I'm a thrift-store addict.
And a sure-shot with a .22.
And fashion-obsessed.
And a hippie. (yes, I can be both, why do you ask?)
And a Californian.
And often a flake.
And a wimp.
And I'm the daughter of a gun dealer.
And a girlfriend.
And collect headphones.
And a crazy-ride lover.
And paint my toenails orange. Always.
And love mirrors. Yet hardly use them.
And I love chinese food.
And sushi.
And pretty much most things oriental.
And often henna myself.
And want to learn to belly dance.

Oh, and I'm Arab. :D
So, yea. Currently in Jordan, and will be until August.

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