Thursday, June 16, 2011

Safeway: Now with tents and clothes and coffee makers!!

No, we didn't buy any of the above. Nor did we buy the tampons, so subliminally placed directly below the pregnancy tests.

We got taco fixings, and salad dressing, and flan, but we saw no tortillas, which was the largest reason for the trip. We have a very limited diet here- so far, falafel, lamb, pita bread (good, fresh just-off-the-cooler pita bread) humus, and yogurt.

Now, we are stocked with ramen and pasta, bread, sandwich fixings, carrots, and juice. One thing about the middle east- They have AWESOME juices, and stores dedicate an entire isle to the good stuff. There's a huge variety, too. We got some pineapple-orange-carrot and some pomagranate.
It's gonna be sad to go home and not have a falafel place every ten stores, have orange and apple juices, and have no fresh humus or pita.

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