Saturday, June 25, 2011

Possible Dissaperrance.

We're off to the West Bank tomorrow, where we hope to go we'll have internet, but chances are we won't. Just an update.

We slept on the roof of my uncles house the night before last. It was great fun- we giggled ourselves to sleep at one in the morning under the stars!

Yesterday, we visited another uncle (I think there's five...) in a nearby town. We found a soccer ball in the yard, and because there we a bunch of kids, anyone under thirty became involved in a very fun dodgeball game, mainly because it was the only thing we could explain without speaking the language, as about a third of us spoke only english and the rest only arabic. It was crazy- we played till ten at night, and I have a quite bruised set of ribs. Mammud throws hard. But Amjad never hits girls.. which could be why I kept winning...

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