Friday, June 10, 2011


I guess, When people described deserts, with all their sand, and pyramid-like piles of sand that are compacted into rock on the side facing the wind, yet just a dune on the other side, I never quite believed them.

To me, a desert was Death Valley, the desert I knew, California's own. To me, a desert was flat and dry and only as sandy as the beach parking-lot, not the actual beach it's self.

But today, I saw desert like in those pictures on the cover of National Geographic. I never left the car, mind you. We drove on by, past the sunset and Steel Center on one side, and the desert on the other, with houses appearing as thou they rose from the sand and towering dunes.

I was squished into the back of a five-person SUV, with two others in there with me, and three in the actual seat, two in the passenger seat, and my cousin driving with Ice Age playing, and the goal to make it back before dark. Yea, no stopping for the desert my cousins see so often, and take as a part of life. Sometimes, I'm really greatfull to be here, to see this whole new way of life.

Sorry, It's kind of hard to take a picture from the middle lane of a freeway, especially in an Jordan. I'll bring one sometime, thou.

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