Tuesday, June 21, 2011

City Cats.

There are stray cats all over Jordan. People here think of cats as people in citys at home think of rats.
We don't.

A few weeks ago, my aunt found a tiny stray kitten, and has taken it in.

Yesterday, we found a kinda-teenagery kitten huddled in a corner. We could tell immediately that it was hurt, because it's leg was stuck out and it didn't run away. A but later, as we waited (a common pass-time here) it moved, and I noticed it's tail had been chopped off. Its leg was to hurt for it to get up, also.

We had plenty of time, so I made sure it didn't run away while my mother and sister went to a deli to get it some food.

I feel like even such a small thing could make a pretty decent difference in the world. I feel like we're overall better people because we did that.

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